WELCOME Things are changing quickly in the field of luxury real estate marketing, especially in the Bay Area. Traditional marketing techniques are being challenged by web based delivery systems. This is particularly true in the use of streaming video. Streaming video, when well produced, has up to eight times the capture rate of sites without video. It is the perfect medium to show how a house is laid out and how it is integrated with it's neighborhood. And narrated video, our specialty, has more than three time the impact of non-narrated video. There's a reason that silent films aren't big at the box office, but narrated real estate videos are very hard to produce well so that's why they are almost non-existent. In the Bay Area, where web sophistication is higher than almost any place in the country, sellers understand this new paradigm and are now expecting their properties to be sold with the most advanced marketing techniques available. Additionally, more and more we are seeing potential out-of-area buyers are making purchasing decisions based on the power of effective streaming videos. At Spark we look forward to working with our clients to to create powerful and compelling property presentations that will help you maximize your listing’s value. Please don’t hesitate to call or email any questions you may have. THANK YOU


pricing: Due to the wide variety of property types it's impossible to have stock pricing for any of the packages above. They can range from as little as $1200 for our new Starter Package to well over $15,000 for complex, multi-filmed estate packages. Please call for quotes.

Nothing like getting top agents on film to brag about yourproduct, and the following video pretty much says it all about the emerging importance of video as a integral part of the new real estate marketing. In  Los Angeles one out of five luxury properties  are now sold just from the video alone. As was the property described below. Even Zillow is embracing video both for agents bios and property descriptions.

Now top agents have to figure out, as they have with stagers and with photography, what makes a good video product.  While our narrated video engages viewers in ways that non-narrated simply can't, we created the non-narrated video for those properties that can't justify the higher cost.  If you are an agent who is representing a luxury listing you really owe it to your client to give them the best that is available in the Bay Area.

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Tony Mills:

Owner of Spark Solutions


The path to real estate marketing started when he was getting his Masters at UC Berkeley School of Architecture and supported himself shooting stills for major San Francisco architectural firms.  Tony then moved into the music world, producing artists and later composing TV and movie soundtracks.  He then morphed into the visual and began producing  TV spots which is now most of the business of  the current Spark Solutions.

When his wife became a realtor a few years ago,  Tony was amazed at the preponderance  of  lackluster  marketing tools for high end real estate. He started making a few property  videos and his wife has now just been made partner at McGuire and has been to the top producer there for three years in a row. Realtors are just starting to accept that marketing high end homes requires rethinking their marketing strategies. Finally they are realizing that streaming web video is an incredibly powerful and necessary part of marketing luxury real estate and Tony is  happy.


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